I came back to Japan and started Job hunting.

2015年3月23日 / 日記, 留学, 言語

I came back to Japan safely on March 2nd and I got busy immediately…

I wanted to write about Houston but… I don’t post any articles. One reason was that job hunting this year had been already started. I attended some seminars but I don’t know what I truly want to do yet because of my too many various curiosities. Almost everything looks interesting. The other reason was some tasks of part-time job. I had to go back to work at part-time jobs. In one of the company I work, the web server transfer should be completed by end of this month.

yeah… these are just excuses, though.

about learning Languages

I was in the US 3 weeks ago but now I got used to Japanese life style.

The most disappointment is that Opportunities to use English has been decreased. In Japan, English is not needed truly. It is not good for me, English learners. I really want to keep my English skill. English learners need a lot of “English conversation INPUT” to keep and improve it. I learned English from conversations with someone who spoke it when I was in Houston. In other words, the imitation seemed to be effective. I should probably start Skype English conversation.

At least I am trying to listen to some kind of English conversations almost everyday instead of J-pop music I like as possible as I can.

By the way, I though English need to be “STUDY”. However, it is not correct. English need to be “PRACTICED”. I heard “to practice English” many times in the US and my viewpoint to learn languages changed.

I am interesting in not only English but also Chinese now. I am only listening Chinese music on Youtube these days (see below). One reason is that I joined bus tour in Chinese/English in the US. If I could understand Chinese, I could enjoy the tour more. The other reason is that I made Chinese and Taiwanese friends who liked Japan. They can speak Chinese and English well and also understand “Japanese”. (Moreover, Some of them can speak Japanese fluently.) I wanted to understand their mother tongue as well.

I probably like “learning” LANGUAGE like English, Chinese, C, Java, Ruby, and so on…

One of my favorite Chinese songs is here. I want to watch the movie.

Articles about Houston or something will be coming soon… maybe…


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